Weak Sauce About Nothing

Salsa débil sobre nada!

So here is what is cool about my new job.

Even though I have to work a ton, and there is a lot of work to do. The atmosphere of the place is so much different. For example, my daughter was sick this week and had to stay home from school on Monday. So I brought her to work with me, and everyone is cool with that.

Another kid comes into the office all the time (a kid of one of my co-workers). It is rad, she tries to sneak by my desk every day.  Very ninja like actually, observe picture.


So what is so great about the sneaking kiddo.  Well, at the old job if you made the mistake of bringing in you kid, they would be surrounded by a bunch of adoring fans who instantly want to spoil the child.  Because it is the only thing that has happened in their day, that is different than every day that has happened to them in the last 25 years on the job.

I was only there for three years and I was starting to already succumb to that  insanity, and I was going home to my own kids everyday.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it isn’t cool to be excited about kids coming into work.  I’m excited when I see the kids, and people that come up to our office everyday.  It is just that no day is so mundane that I’m incapable of functioning the instant something a little different happens (like sneaking ninja kids).  It is nice to know that I can just enjoy my days here, and that things will never be so boring that the instant I see a child I go ape shit.


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My Life With the Unthrilling Kult

So my life is changing.  My wife and I will be getting a divorce very soon, but it is a very mutual thing.  She doesn’t love me as a husband, and honestly I’m way to messed up as a human to drag someone into a relationship.  But we will always have the connection of our three really amazing kids.  So where do I go from here. 

I don’t want to date, and I don’t really want to move on to fast.  That is half the problem with every relationship I have ever had, just jumping into a new one with out getting over the old one.  So I guess I will become a hermit, hang out with friends and my kids, and work from there.  What a strange new, adventure my life is becoming.

Wish me luck.

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Surf’s Up

So honestly there isn’t much love out there for kids movies, and as a parent I can totally understand why.  Most of the ones that I have seen in the last few years have been weak at best.  Like Enchanted, cool idea, poor execution.  Happy Feet, good as a film, lost my kid’s intrest pretty quickly because it is nuanced, and that escapes children most of the time.  Don’t get me wrong though, there are a lot of kids movies that I have enjoyed watching.  But it is a rare treat more than a norm.

Well I was super stoked when I finished watch Surf’s Up, because honestly this was a really decent movie.  It didn’t get a lot of love when it was in the theater’s because the much better “film” Happy Feet was going at the same time.  And unlike Happy Feet, Surf’s Up is way more about having a good time and a being fun, than it is about getting a serious message across.

Filmed in the documentary style, this movie hits a lot of great note in that genre of film while doing a good job of poking fun at it.  It also plays up a lot of the stereotypes associated with surfers and has come of the best one liners that I have heard since the first Shrek.

So if you have to watch a kids movie, this one gets a thumbs up from me, and if you don’t it isn’t half bad and you may just end up enjoying yourself.

Good times.

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You have to love the nanny state.

Weapons of Mass (Steak) DestructionSo seriously a 10 year old girl was arrested and faces a felony for bringing a steak knife to school for lunch.  I mean seriously the school officals even said that she didn’t brandish it or threatean anyone with it.  And yet they still felt the need to call the cops, and since they couldn’t get a hold of her parents, the police took her to jail.  And even though they talked a lot about how they treated her nicely, and didn’t treat her like a criminal, she is still suspended from school for ten days and facing a felony weapons charge.

What the hell!  Is common sense really dead in this nation.  She had a steak, and a steak knife, seems kind of like a no brainer to me.  But nope, it is weapon, because all ten year old girls weaponize silverware.  A ten year old boy, I can see a problem there, maybe.  Just fucking dumb.  If my daughter ever gets arrested for something like this, I’m going to flip the hell out.

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