Weak Sauce About Nothing

Salsa débil sobre nada!

So here is what is cool about my new job.

Even though I have to work a ton, and there is a lot of work to do. The atmosphere of the place is so much different. For example, my daughter was sick this week and had to stay home from school on Monday. So I brought her to work with me, and everyone is cool with that.

Another kid comes into the office all the time (a kid of one of my co-workers). It is rad, she tries to sneak by my desk every day.  Very ninja like actually, observe picture.


So what is so great about the sneaking kiddo.  Well, at the old job if you made the mistake of bringing in you kid, they would be surrounded by a bunch of adoring fans who instantly want to spoil the child.  Because it is the only thing that has happened in their day, that is different than every day that has happened to them in the last 25 years on the job.

I was only there for three years and I was starting to already succumb to that  insanity, and I was going home to my own kids everyday.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it isn’t cool to be excited about kids coming into work.  I’m excited when I see the kids, and people that come up to our office everyday.  It is just that no day is so mundane that I’m incapable of functioning the instant something a little different happens (like sneaking ninja kids).  It is nice to know that I can just enjoy my days here, and that things will never be so boring that the instant I see a child I go ape shit.


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Since I’m not constantly bored at work anymore, I find myself not posting as much.  The strange part about it, is that I keep thinking about things that I would like to post about, then get back into work and totally forget.

But I did remember this.  So today, I rode the bus to work for the second time.  And it is pretty cool.  Even though it was freezing cold out thismorning, I just had that nice feeling of doing something good, for the enviroment, and just doing something good in general because I’m not wasting gas from my car, or any of that stuff.  If you don’t really have access to mass transit (as I didn’t for a long time) I will just let you know now, for all the inconveniance (having to wait for the bus to come, and wierd people on the bus).  It is totally worth it.

Just a quick thought.

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Hour One

I am on my last day at work, and I’m doing shit all.  I think I will post every hour, just to keep track of time as it goes by.  Hopefully the next one will be a little more interesting.

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This is what is wrong with the “boomer” generation.

So I work at an insurance company, and as such I’m constantly having to hear about insurance, and retirement, and financial services, and the like.  No big deal.  It has taught me a lot about how I should be saving money, and ways to make my money work for me.  Which in turn has led to me investing in some stocks, and having a 401(K), and some savings (meager though they be).  All of which is good.

Here is the problem.  Boomers don’t want to throw in the towel, as the near retirement they are going through a kind of second midlife crisis.  A lot of them are trying to “embrace technology,” and trying to still be hip as they near retirement age, and a lot of them are getting back in the club and drinking scene, and all that other shit.

What peeves me the most, is that my work as a consequence is going through the same kind of growing pains.  That all came to a head when I heard a speaker talking about retirement, and he actually said that Second Life could be a good tool to use, to determine how you want to spend your retirement.  WTF?  Second Life, where you get around the world that people make up by flying, where you can create things from nothing, where you can be eight feet tall and purple with wings, sounds exactly like how I want to spend retirement.  I guess it makes sense when youc onsider the ammount of LSD a lot of boomers did, but past that, I call a bullshit on that one.  That was a plug that the guy was paid to make, period.  Stop trying to convince me that you are cool, you are not, and the fact that you are a Second Lifer proves it.

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It is snowing pretty bad today, and as a consequence the rumor mill at my cubicle job is going insane.  “I hear they are going to let us off early.”  Yeah right.  I work for a huge corporation, and by the time the wheels get rolling on letting us go home an hour early, it will be a half hour till it is time to go anyways, so who cares. 

So instead of dwelling on it, I’m going to go to lunch in a few and try to think about my cheesy fries and how good they are, instead of how much I could be getting done, if I was at home today.

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There are somethings that you hope to never hear again.

If I never hear about someone having an “Ah Ha Moment,” ever again, I will be satisfied with my life.  Somedays I really hate my job.

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