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New Blogroll Entry

I love propaganda posters and this site has an awesome group of them blog style.  Thought we would blogroll them.


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Chaos Motor

Put another blog into the blogroll.  Chaos Motor is some intense political shit that is really well written.  Totally worth checking out if you are as pissed off at the world as I am.

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Another Great One From Indexed

Indexed has this one up!


Funny as hell, and so true, unless of course you are Vegan Straight Edge, that is agains caffeene and such.

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When I throw a new blog on the blogroll I like to let you guys know.  The newest one is Full.Body.Transplant.  Rian is an artist and an excellent writer and as usual he says funny stuff, which is usually what gets me to put a blog on the blog roll.  Here’s to him. 

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We got a click from this search and it makes me laugh

We got a click from this search.  Some poor sap was looking for shopping cart corrals and found us instead.  That makes me laugh.

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this made my day

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

And the whole blog in general is funny as fuck.  Also this one if funny too:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

OK One more:

lolcat - this not so hard
moar funny pictures

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Obligitory “Things I Think are *Cool* on the net” post.

So this is my first “official” post on this blog within the intertubes. As such this will be filled with crap I think is cool. (“Crap” is used here as a synonym for “stuff” rather then it more common connotation of “sucks”). In my future post you will encounter more and more of my horrific use if the “” and () characters. I just can’t stay away . . . Were was I? Oh yes, talking about things on the web that are cool. (as a side note I also feel the need to pace the reader as if they were talking to me. Hence the use of the (“. . .”) ellipsis. ) . Oh and if you are enamored with proper grammer and delight in foisting your elite English Fasism on my posts, don’t, I really don’t give a damn. Any way on to the madness.

Example, the First: xkcd: My lord is this site awesome. It follows in the proud tradition of the thrice weekly updated web comic. Some of the posts I really liked: one, two, three.

Example, the Second: penny-arcade: An excellent gaming web comic, which I am sure you are acquainted with (well most of you in any case). They have a podcast (which comes out only so often. This site, and their works directly influenced the podcast you see on this blog).

Example, the Third: somethingawful: What can be said about this site? Well hows about this: Horrors of Pornography. Just read the article. Thats is all I really need to say.

In the future I will be adding other things to keep you from working, watching your children, and otherwise being a human being.

— “Buck, Buck, wilst go my nine.”

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Adding a new blog to the blogroll because it is brilliant.  Here is a taste of the love:

Beer Circle. 

And far, far from home

 Small But Expensive

Check it out at:  http://indexed.blogspot.com/

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