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New Blogroll Entry

I love propaganda posters and this site has an awesome group of them blog style.  Thought we would blogroll them.


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Flash artist feature: H. Hoogerbrugge

I promised an artist feature that would blow your fucken mind. (as in post-fucked mind)
I stumbled across H. Hoogerbrugge a couple of years ago when I was learning flash. Whether you like the subject matter or not, the guy’s got a hell of a lot of talent. (and MAAAAD flash skills)

He started a project back in 1998 and ending in 2001 called “Modern Living/Neurotica series.” Every time I visit the project, I spend at least 3 hours interacting with it.  Almost every detail worth clicking or rolling over has some kind of action associated with it. (ex: on the front page he’s holding a remote, click on any part of him, or the chair, and notice all the details he remembered. Not the most elaborate example, but look at the rest and you’ll see what I mean)

#96 called ‘Summer’ Creeps me out every time. I think it’s the sound.

He has audio associated with almost every piece which only enhances his work, so make sure your speakers are working.  Modern Living / Neurotica series

Some of the people I’ve turned onto this have sent him e-mails about his work and from what I hear he’s  pretty cool to talk to and actually responds. I’ve never e-mailed him because I never know what to tell him or ask him other than things he already knows: “you are a flash GOD”

His main site has some additional flash projects, but the ML/NS had the biggest impact on me and I’m glad I checked that project out first.

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Cherry Blossoms

All I can really say about this art project is Wow.  What an amazing concept, and an amazing way to bring to light the real tragedy of the war in Iraq.  This is the kind of thing that art should do.  It should wake you up to the world around you and really shake up how you think about things.


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