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Face Transplants and Sweeny Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Face Transplant Lady

So here is what freaks me out.  The lady pictured above.  She was the first person to receive a partial face transplant.  Though it is amazing to think about the fact that she lost most of her face from her dog trying to eat her, and doctors were able to make her look mostly like herself, I am freaked out that this is something that can even happen.  Imagine you are a criminal five years into the future.  You could probably have a face transplant done, and look like a different person, even if they just took your face off and put it back on.  Freaks me the fuck out.

On a totally different note, I was on Rotten Tomatoes some more, and Sweeny Todd is looking pretty good so far.  I have been looking forward to it, but the heavy shadow of I Am Legend and Cloverfield, has kind of glossed over how much I want to see it.  There are a lot of good movies out there to see this year.  I hope I get to catch some of them.


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A chance encounter…

So today I was at church (a surprise to some I’m sure) and stoped to talk to a guy that I have known for a while but he doesn’t always recognize me.  I said hey and we talked for a little bit, and he asked me what I was up to lately.  I told him where I was working and that I hated it and that I was going back to school in August to get my degree in English to eaither teach or go into journalisim.  He said that was cool and asked me if I was into fact finding on a local news level. 

Here is the deal.  He is a guy that runs a local low power fm station that I mock constantly, but I think I only mock it because I’m jealous.  So I told him that would be something that I could do.  Then he asked me if I would be into recording a news segment like five days a week with the info I found.  I told him that was very possible.  Then I told him I would give it a shot this week and see what happens.

 Kind of got a job doing that on accident.  Fun stuff.

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Guantanamo Bay

So the Supreme Court is currently debating wether or not the detainees at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba have the right to Habeas Corpus.  You can click on on the link for a specific deffenition, but put sussinctly it is a court order that demans that the police, government, or whoever is detaining you appear in court and tell you why you are being detained.  Currently this is a right that the detainees don’t enjoy.

Why?  The reson is really two fold from what I understand.  The first is that they aren’t citizens of the United States, and therefore they aren’t really subject to rights under our constitution (which you can read in full here, and I highly recomend that you do).  The second is that they are not being detained on American soil, which means that they aren’t subject to the “law of the land,” and therefore have no real rights.

So I get that.  Seems like simple and logical arguments, and I can see how the govenment would draw those conclusions especially considering the hard on that they have to keep there people imprisioned (which they can do indeffinitly without informing the detainees as to why they are being imprissioned).  And a part of me understands that they are “terrorists” and dangerous to the world, and all of that crap.  But here is my problem, these are people, no matter who they are or who they associated with, they are still human beings, and the last time I checked our country beleived that “all men are created equal.”

Shoudl it really matter if the detainees are American citiznes, or if they are on American soil.  Should it really matter if they are “terrorists.”  We give a child rapist the right of Habeas Corpus, mass murderers, drug dealers, even Sadam Hussain was informed of why he was being brought to trial, and being imprisioned, and ultimately executed.  So why shouldn’t these detainees receve the basic knowledge of why they are being detained.  Only 10 of them have even been charged with a crime.  Some of them for 6 years.  Imagine living in prison for six years without even knowing why you are there. 

So what the hell, are people deserving of equality, or is this particular segment of humanity so profoundly evil that we can’t even tell them why they are in jail.  I say fuck that, how hard is it to tell them, “You are here for associating with an Al Qaeda operative.”  Wait a second they did that with Murat Kurnaz.  Kurnaz was detained for associating with a known “suicide bomer,” as in someone who had blown themselves up as a terrorist.  Kurnaz, found a way to retain a lawer, and when that lawyer finally got case into a court where the government had to relinquish the evedince that they were holding Kurnaz on a little research revealed that the “suicide bomber” was alive and well, and no where near a terrorist.

Sure this is one example in the 400 plus people that are in, or have been in Guantanamo, but no one is even looking at any of these people to make sure there aren’t other people in the facility that are suffering for no reason like Kurnaz did for four years.  Four years of his life gone, because he associated with someone that was a “suicide boming terrorist,” but wasn’t.  In my book that is pretty shitty, and as a country that is quick to talk about their “moral authority,” we sure are lacking in morality.  Maybe it is time to actually take a stand for morality and put an end to this travisty of justice.

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Great Another Shooting

So at a mall in Omaha, NE somone just went on a shooting spree.  CNN is saying that at least 9 people are dead and 5 are wounded.  I can’t wait to go out and buy whatever viedo game pushed him over the edge.  I bet he like KMFDM or something.  I’m sure I’ll talk more about this later.

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