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McDonalds Jelly Is A Sauce

I woke up this morning and I was hungry as hell.  I have a screwed up tooth so everything that I eat has to be done gingerly.  As a consequence I haven’t eaten to much this week.  So this morning I decided that I would have me a McDonald’s Big Breakfast.  So far so good.

Big BreakfastI decided that I would make my way to the biscuit.   Now the biscuit is a delicious morsel of tastiness that is not to be missed.  But it is even better with some grape jelly.  It has been a while since I’ve had a biscuit from McDonald’s so I opened it, got out the knife, ready to spread the jelly, and then opened the jelly packet and squeezed.

The jelly came out like ketchup.  NO knife required, I could have put it on the plate and dipped my biscuit in it.  What the hell?  That isn’t jelly, you should have to spread jelly.  IT isn’t a sauce, it is a topping.  Are we so lazy that we can’t even spread our jelly on a biscuit?  My guess would be yes.  After all I’m eating it.


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The Official Podcasting location of F.F.

I thought I’d take the time to give props to the official Podcast location of Fuck Fiction: Cables Pub & Grill.
The tag line for the place should actually be “Where Friends Meat!” Because there isn’t a meat dish I’ve had there that I didn’t like. Their portions are HUGE and the nachos are particularly good. They get a decent rating on Trip Advisor. There are a couple of recent bad reviews, but I think it really depends when you go. (around 8pm-11pm is our window) We’re kind of partial to the server we’ve had the last month because she is extremely cool but I think they all try to be nice and respect the casters.

PodCasting every Wed. from 8pm to around 10.

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An open letter to supermarket shoppers:

An open letter to all super market shoppers: addressed to all races, creeds, cultures, the rich, and the poor; QUIT BEING SO DAMN LAZY!!!

Every time, and I mean EVERY time I go to the grocery store, I see shopping carts in parking spaces, smashed up against cars, rolling down the parking lot towards the street.

AND WHY? because you’re too f**king lazy to walk the cart 50 damn yards to either the ‘cart corral’ or back to the store entrance.

Quit being so damn lazy!!


  • I’m in a hurry because (insert lame reason here, it winds up sounding like “Blah, blah, blah, blah,” anyway and is never valid)
  • I have a medical condition that prevents me. (real smart a-hole, you gathered up the strength to push the cart full of your fat-ass food not only around the store and into the checkout line, but to your car as well, suddenly paralysis sets in and you can’t walk half the distance to PUT THE CART AWAY?)
  • They have people that work here to do that. (no dumb-ass, their job was not intended to chase down errant shopping carts; it’s turned into that, but the intent was to have them clear out the cart corrals and bring SEVERAL back to the store entrance AT THE SAME TIME.)
  • There’s a few out in front of my parking spot already, one more isn’t going to make a difference. (It will if all your fellow lazy bastards do the same thing, and YES, they all have the same idea.)

Just admit it, the reason you do it is because: “I’m a lazy bastard who has no shame when it comes to putting things in their place. I have no problem telling my kids or co-workers/employees to put things away, but I’m an adult, putting shopping carts away in an orderly manner is beneath me.” Well Jack-hole, it’s above you because as far as I’m concerned, you’re just below swine. (and bacon is yummy)

Ranks higher than most super market shoppers

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