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Another shooting.

Again another tragic shooting.  This time in my back yard.  I’m sure for a lot of people that would inspire some level of fear.  Fear along the lines of, “If it can happen so close to me, couldn’t it happen to me.”  But I guess what really gets me thinking is that this happens all the time.

Maybe not on the level of the latest shootings in Colorado, or the shooting in Omaha.  But there are drive by shootings, and people being murdered everyday, and we aren’t even phased most of the time unless it is a huge tragedy.  Guy shoots 10 people, or a 4 year old is hit with a stray bullet.  Life has become cheap in our nation.  And it makes me really ill sometimes.


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Some more on the black dude in handcuffs…

So the reason that the black guy got cuffed in the first place was that the first reports that came out of the mall indicated that the shooter was in fatigues and had a military hair cut.  Well the survalance video of the shooting has already been released (which seems a little on the fast side to me) and Hawkins didn’t look anything like they described.  Sucks to be the Black Flag Terror Psyop, or it just sucks to be black in Omaha.

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I guess I’m not done with the shooting yet.

Ok so check this one out.   The shopping mall remained closed off as a crime scene today, and is not scheduled to re-open until Friday.  Wow a whole two day, I bet the people at the Von Maur that got shot up are going to be thrilled to go back to work today.  You think they will even have the time to clean up the blood.  What happens if one of them finds a shell casing on Saturday.  I just love the fact that commercialisim must go on at all costs.  There is no respect for the dead in this situation, and even less respect for the living, because if the mall bothered to show respect it would kill their bottom line.

A part of me wants to not care how the employees feel after reading a line like this though:  He was not dressed like the usual Von Maur customer, she remembers thinking.  “My first instinct was that he doesn’t belong here,” she said.  This is the kind of thing that pushes people like Hawkins over the edge.  She has no clue who is victim and who is shooter in this situation, she just assumes that he doesn’t belong in the store because he isn’t dressed right.  It is that attitude of “looking down” on people combined with Hawkins mental illness that pushed him to do this.  His alleination from the world is just built up in his mind through the loss of a girlfriend, then the loss of a job, and then the perception (which is really validated by this statement) that he doesn’t belong in normal society.  And is there anything more normalized in America that a shopping mall department store, and clearly “he doesn’t belong here.”

Black Flag Psyop Terrorism Event PlanerSpeaking of people that don’t belong, my heart goes out to this guy.  The first 911 calls were reported to have come in at 1:43pm.  By 1:59pm, MSN had posted pictures of some black dude, that I don’t think has ever been named (that I could find at least), that made the mistake of wearing his fatigues to the mall that day.  Again a case of “he doesn’t belong here.”  Guy in fatigues, is a suspect.  Black guy in fatigues, suprised they didn’t just shoot him down.

If you want to read the fucking best conspiracy theory on this whole thing ever.  Check this link out.  The gist of it is that this is some kind of govenment terroist “black flag psyops terror event” which when really broken down would mean some kind of anarchist psychic event that is made by the govenment to fuel the war on terror, or something.  The article itself is a little muddled but it is rad what people put together when they have to much free time and internet access (like this site for ex

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I said I would write more about the shooting.

Dark, brooding, solitary and inconsolable, Hawkins was reportedly taking powerful anti-depressants – drugs that have been linked to violence and suicide. He had also been given drugs for attention deficit disorder.

A friend, Shawn Saunders, said Hawkins was not a social person, preferring to play video games while drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.

So here it is, he is anti-social, on drugs, and plays video games.  Sounds like a recepie for disaster.  I wish that I could even begin to develop the words as to why this kind of statement makes me so upset.  How many years have gone through my life being the same person.  But I don’t shoot anyone, or myself.  I have some seriously self destructive behaviour, but my desire to play video games and dring alcohol doesn’t drive me to kill.

This young man had other issues.  His parents are divorced, he had broken up with his girfriend, lost his job and was living in someone’s basement.  You think maybe some of those things combined with a mixture of perscription drugs and alcohol may have had soemthing to do with it.  He felt like he had no one to turn to, he felt removed from humanity and alone.  There were very few people reaching out to him, and probably a lot of people reacting to him with anger.  He was troubled and disturbed, weed and video games didn’t make him kill, mental illness did.

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Great Another Shooting

So at a mall in Omaha, NE somone just went on a shooting spree.  CNN is saying that at least 9 people are dead and 5 are wounded.  I can’t wait to go out and buy whatever viedo game pushed him over the edge.  I bet he like KMFDM or something.  I’m sure I’ll talk more about this later.

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