Weak Sauce About Nothing

Salsa débil sobre nada!


Will I sleep tonight? Can I sleep tonight? Morning is coming… If I set my alarm for 9am and fall asleep within the next 15 mins I can get at least 5 hours of sleep before I have to go to work tomorrow.  Ok lay down on pillow hold other pillow off to my side. Morning is coming… God why cant I fall asleep?  God please can you let me get alittle rest tonight? Just for a few hours I cant keep doing this. Morning is coming… Well if I set my alarm to 9:30 and fall asleep in the next 30 mins or so I can get at least 3 hours of sleep. I wont have time for a shower but I really need at least that many hours or I swear I will straight out murder the next truck stop ugly that walks into the store tomorrow. Morning is coming… Please God just let me get Just a few hours of sleep. Morning is coming… DAMNIT they need to make a pillow that I don’t have to flip over and over to keep to the side of my face from getting hot. Its like I spent 7 dollars on a nightly reminder that I can never keep the things that make me happiest. Morning is coming… It is hot I am hot it is fuckin 7am and why the fuck can I not fall asleep? Hey look, the sun… I have turned my pillow over 37 and one half times I have gotten up to drink a glass of water 7 times and due to that I have gotten up another 4 times to take a piss. I look in the mirror every time I go to the bathroom and it is like I can actually see myself falling apart. 3 hours until I have to be at work… I think I might have fallen asleep for a moment at around 5 am or so I cant be sure but one second I was lying there on the fresh cold side of the pillow and the next  moment my pillow was hot and my arm was asleep. 7:53am… UGH… 8:37am SHIT, I better get up If I somehow did manage to fall asleep right now I am absolutely positive that my alarm could not wake me. 1 hour until work… Where the hell is my other sock, this is freakin bullshit every last one of my socks is dirty minus one? Where the fuck is your other half sock? Don’t make me yell at you and scare the dog! I have to say the dog does look abit concerned about my actions at this very moment… Alright I gave up I am now wearing one clean sock one dirty sock jeans no t-shirt just a hooded sweater. I have decided that today will be a no t-shirt day. A decision I soon regret its kinda warm today. Mother Nature must be on the rag im thinking… Did I brush my teeth, no fuck that, I smile and greet new customers with horrid breath and a very unkempt appearance and just zone the fuck out. Excuse me sir can I try this on. I point at the dressing room and don’t even look up. I might not murder anyone today but the customers I assure you are on edge. They come into the store and they can tell it isn’t a good day to purchase their size 40DDD bras. That’s a lot of fabric and quite frankly I aint folding no boulder holders today… Please God can I just sleep.


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Gray Haired Beauties

OK, I think I’m having an Oprah moment here.
Time magazine featured an article last month or so about gray haired women and how there is a large majority of women who are secure and happy with their gray hair. I guess even the fashion world is taking notice and have given us sound-bytes saying “Gray is chic”

Would she seem as gorgeous without her gray?

There are a few women around the office who take care of themselves, some have their curves, some don’t; who have gray hair. I didn’t think much of it at first but after a while I noticed that it does give them a certain character and maybe it’s the whole “older woman” thing but to be honest, I don’t think they would be as sexy without their gray hair. I’m not trying to degrade them or belittle them by calling them “sexy.” I use the term with extreme reverence to their age, (young or old, yes some are prematurely gray, how hot is that?!) gender and for some of them, their life experience. Indeed, a few of them are in various levels of management and when they’re spoken of, it’s in the highest respect/regard, they just also happen to be VERY handsome women.

Young Woman with Gray Hair
(Check out the link; interesting story about this pic)

Now, I realize that there are ladies and some guys out there who freak out when they see gray. Let me tell you from an admirer’s perspective; it’s not a big deal. In fact, to me, it’s a little disappointing when one day you see someone with some gray, and the next day it’s a completely different color. For example: one of the ladies in the office I was talking about has this really naturally curly hair. She parts it on the side and has it a little longer than shoulder length. She wears these small frame glasses that fit the shape of her face well, and maybe this is a guy thing with the glasses, but they make her look really cute. Where she parts it, she has this gray shock that only makes the front part of her hair gray. (and only halfway down the total length) The rest of her hair is a light brown to blond. It looks really cool the way her gray seems to frame the top part of her face. She had it this way for as long as I can remember. Then, one day it was ALL light brown. It completely changed the dynamic of her appearance! The color looked natural and matched the rest of her hair, but she really didn’t look the same! I happened to be working on her computer at the time (I’m in I.T. at the office) and overheard her telling a co-worker that a “Friend” of hers told her that she should do something about it so she decided to dye it. Thankfully she didn’t like the way it looked and she reverted back to what I described above. Her female co-workers agreed that she looked cuter with her gray. I would show you some pictures of these lovely ladies, but I can’t think of a way to get said pictures without seeming like a perv or having HR called over to my cubicle. I suppose I could claim I’m writing a book on the subject, but I’m not. I’m just blogging about it!

Someone already tackled this subject anyway.

This becomes almost like the breast implant argument: (Disclaimer: I’m not trying to woo anyone out there, I’m just being honest. Besides, I have a girlfriend!) for me, I’d rather see women how they are naturally, how God intended them. I get turned off knowing that even a part of the girl is fake. If a guy needs you to have bigger breasts, maybe you don’t need the guy. Looks are fleeting. That’s why most old men go after young women; because the men are shallow, self centered, and can’t appreciate a good personality. At the risk of sounding like a “Curves” commercial; If you want implants, get them for YOURSELF, not some guy. Dye your hair for YOU, not for how people see you.

On the fence about going gray? check out this gallery of Gray sirens.

Other interesting articles on Gray: (check out some of the comments, we all can’t be wrong!)




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Let’s Get Into This

So I have been kind of hinting at the “troubles” that my wife and I have been going through and it is all out on the table now between the two of us.  She will be moving out very soon into her own apartment, officially it is a separation, some time for her to live on her own so she can start to get her own issues under control (I would add in here “Like I have my own under control,” but that has very little to do with me and every thing to do with God.  An odd phrase on this blog I’m sure).

So here is the thing that I’m realizing.  There was this guy forever ago, he was in a band, he was into books, and his relationship with this God that he would literally fight for in a heart beat.  He loved that one thing about his life more than anything until he realized the power of having sex.  And the pleasure that all that entailed.  He had already gotten into porn (at an ultra early age 2nd grade to be exact), and that was fun enough, but the real deal was so much better.  So what was he willing to give up for sex.

For starters, going into a marriage with purity, his sobriety, his band, his dreams and vision for his life, and most importantly his relationship with faith and God, and that more than anything set him in a tailspin.

Clearly this is me.  So I’m coming out the other end and realizing that something is really missing.  First was that whole God thing.  And that has been what has  pulled me through a lot of this.  Getting close to that infinte creator that sparks a fire inside me like nothing I have ever experiancd before in my whole life.  So I’m on that track, and I’m finding that once again in my life that is all that I need.  But in that statement I find that it pushes me to reconcile with people, I have this relationship that means so much to me, and I want others to have that too, and I want to have real relationships with people.

So much of the past ten years has been about me getting my way, now it is time for me to just learn how to be a friend with nothing to gain.  It is time for me to learn that the presence of someone is more important that what I’m going to get out of a situation.  It’s time for me to go back to being who I was a really long time ago.

And that is a huge deal for me.

Just really wanted to share that, and honestly you guys that write for this and read this, are some of my closest friends, so this seems like a good group to tell it to.

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“This is so unusual, and I don’t know whether or not it’s a lesson from God,” Karim said.

It snowed in Baghad today.  And people took a snow day, a chance to play and have fun, and for a brief moment be children.  Such a simple thing, and it brings so much joy.  A part of that makes me really happy, because it shows how resiliant people are.  In spite of all the war and all the fighting and all the bloodshed, they can still find joy in a snowball fight.  One the other hand it makes me sad, because tomorrow there will be a bomb, or a shooting, or something that will destroy that joy. 

“I don’t know whether or not it’s a lesson from God”

I think it would be.  Take joy where you can find it and don’t let go of that no matter what.

Let’s end this fucking war now.

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