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Ok I Lied, another post about Politics

So honestly when I look at it how could all of the polls been so far off with Clinton and Obama, when everything else was so right on (especially on the Republican side) there are a few things going around, most of which center on the Dibold machines that were used in some of the precincts and the discrepancy between the margins on the hand counted verses machine counted balots.  It just gives me a sick feeling that something wrong is going on in this election.  Even though in the end Obama came out a head in New Hampshire, the media is ignoring it, and I just don’t think some asshole with an “Iron my Shirt” sign, and some crocodile tears could turn 14% (or more) of a state around.

Here is a good blog on some of the numbers, and how they just don’t seem right.


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This is why I like charts and numbers.

I promise I will try and stop obsessing over this, after this post.  But if you look at the Delegate Scorecard on CNN, you will see something interesting.  I’ve talked before about the “superdelegates,” and the early lead that Clinton has on this score card has to do with superdelegates that have committed.  But here is the interesting thing.  In Iowa Obama came out on top with one more delegate than Clinton.  Then look down at New Hampshire, even though Clinton won the popular vote, because of the way the superdelegates are voting in the state, Obama is ahead by one delegate.  Because it was so close, Clinton didn’t come out ahead there either.

If the trend continues, and the swell of voters is either full on in favor of Obama, or even close to in favor of Obama he could very easly break this thing wide open.

I’ll try not to freak on politics anymore today.

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That is some Bullshit.

Congrats to Hilary on the win in New Hampshire.  And with her “superdelegate” contingent, she does still have a decent lead on Obama, but what a lot of people are missing in this whole thing is that Obama is still a winner in New Hampshire.  “Why?” you ask.  Well, I’m glad you did ask.

In the New Hampshire primary Clinton may have won pure numbers, but where it counts, in the number of delegates received from the state.  They tied.  So while the media is pissing itself over Clinton’s “comback,” it isn’t a decisive victory, and it isn’t a huge blip on her radar either.  Sure she in 9 delegates closer to the magic number, but so is Obama, and with a huge ammount of the superdelegates still undecided.  It is a close race.

For Clinton to really have staged a “comeback” she would have had to OWN Obama, and she didn’t, she tied up with him.  I feel better now that I have said that.  So I say keep watching for the Elbow Drop!

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The Obama Elbowdrop

Watch For The Elbow Drop Brother!I was talking with a friend about how hard it is going to rock when Obama wins New Hampshire (later today I might add), and I talked about it being like Obam Elbowdropping the state, and how he is going to go on and big elbow each subsiquent state. 

I think I have a shirt in the works now.

Look out for the big elbow.

And we have to do something to combat Chuck Norris too.

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You have got to be fucking kidding me.

Watch this video.

Honestly, does anyone think this is a “real” moment. No one could be pandering more, or making herself to look more like an idiot. Sure, she is a human being with real emotions, but funny how that hasn’t come through until people say they are voting for Obama because he is a force for change, and is “real” person trying to unite a nation. In the words of the mighty Op Ivy, “Ain’t nothing wrong, with another unity song.”

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Some more good news for Obama

Looks like Obama is pulling ahead in New Hampshire now.  I say that this is just more evedince of the US waking up and seeing what is going on.  Clinton went ballistic during the debates when Edwards said she was a force for the Status Quo, and the reson she went ballistic, he was right.

Clinton is just more of the same, and that is what the country is sick of at this point.  We aren’t loooking for more of the same, we aren’t looking for someone to come in and start a war with Iran, we aren’t looking for madated health insurance that we can’t afford (like our car insurance), we are looking for peace, and we are looking for afordable health care. 

When Clinton talked about “all” the changes she has made in the past, she had two things to cite.  Is that a force of change, not really.  We want real change, not just BS little things that don’t do much for the working class. 

Keep it up New Hampshire, lets get Obama another win.

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The Audacity of FUCK YEAH!!

As I’ve been saying for the last couple of weeks Clinton is just more of the same bullshit as Bush.  And thank God the people of Iowa saw right through that.  I’m down with Obama, especially as the first viable African American presidential canidate ever, and because he is “endorsed” by Kusinich.  My hope is that when Obama gets the nod from the democratic party that he will tap Kusinich or Richardson for VP (not likely it would probably be Edwards, Clinton in my opinion is unelectable). 

Anyways back on track, the best part of this is that Clinton came in a solid third place, only one point behind Edwards, but a good 6 behind Obama.  That means that other people are ssing through her bullshit too.  Her blatant poll following is what makes her the most disengenuous presidential canadate that I have seen in my life time and that is saying a lot. 

So with the Barak Obama win in Iowa what is next.  Probably a hard race in New Hampshire.  Clinton has a decent lead in the New Hampshire polls, but she had that in Iowa too, until about a week ago.  Does Obama have the time to gain the lead and win NH too?  At this point who knows, but I’m hoping he does.  What sucks is it is one of those things that I feel totally powerless over, and wish I could help him with (hence this post).

 Wake up New Hampshire!  Look through the smile and see that Clinton is more of the same, and not the right answer for our country, it’s time for real change!

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Statistical Dead Heat

So Hilary Clinton, and Barak Obama are in a statistical dead heat in both Iowa and New Hampshire.  That makes me happy and nerveous all at the same time.  I just don’t think there will be any change if Clinton is elected.  As a matter of fact I would move somewhere else if she were to be elected.  My wife and I made a pact on moving to Canada, but in light of the recent weather here I think I would be forced to move some where warmer.  But I will move.

Her record indicates that she will provide more of the same.  Strong willed, narrow minded, partisan policies that will cater to her special intrests.  She is all for business, and she seemes to have no problem with war (after all declaring Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization reflects the exact same kind of rhetoric that pushed us into Iraq).  I just can’t get over the idea that she is exactly like the current administration with a slightly better health plan.  What are you going to do different Hilary?

WIth Obama, there are questions about his level of experianace, and the vague nature of his platform.  And I’m kind of agreeing.  It just doesn’t seem like he is solidified as a canadate.  The experiance part I could care less about.  I honestly think it would be a benifit to have someone come in and just be a human doing the job.  But I also wonder if he will fall to the kind of corruption that so many politicians fall into that much quicker because he would be placed in such a large position of power that much faster.  Freaks me out.

So I’m torn, and the one person worth voting for (Dennis Kucinich) is such a long shot that I just don’t think it is going to happen.

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