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Turkey Launches Ground Operation in Iraq

I saw this headline on The Tribune’s website and the first image that came to my mind was something like this:

You don’t want none of this!

I realized however that the headline didn’t say “A” Turkey Launches Ground Operation in Iraq. My mistake. . .

Almost like a canary in a coal mine; a turkey in a tank? No?


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“This is so unusual, and I don’t know whether or not it’s a lesson from God,” Karim said.

It snowed in Baghad today.  And people took a snow day, a chance to play and have fun, and for a brief moment be children.  Such a simple thing, and it brings so much joy.  A part of that makes me really happy, because it shows how resiliant people are.  In spite of all the war and all the fighting and all the bloodshed, they can still find joy in a snowball fight.  One the other hand it makes me sad, because tomorrow there will be a bomb, or a shooting, or something that will destroy that joy. 

“I don’t know whether or not it’s a lesson from God”

I think it would be.  Take joy where you can find it and don’t let go of that no matter what.

Let’s end this fucking war now.

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Cherry Blossoms

All I can really say about this art project is Wow.  What an amazing concept, and an amazing way to bring to light the real tragedy of the war in Iraq.  This is the kind of thing that art should do.  It should wake you up to the world around you and really shake up how you think about things.


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