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I got slacking issues.

So I am still reading, I am legend almost done though I suck I know im horrible and shouldn’t be aloud to live. But I will keep on truckin on or whatever the hell I keep on doing on or… k I lost myself there but yeah I will be done soon and then I am going to see the movie again and then yes. I will write a detailed review. But thats all from me for now so bye bye.

-AwesomeKong out.


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My Take on I Am Legend.

So I Am Legend is one of my favorite books of all time, so pretty much anything that is going to be put on the screen is going to be a bit of a disapointment.   For the most part I really liked the new adaptation of I Am Legend with Will Smith, especially the first 2/3s of the film.  That aspect of the film really captures the tone and feel of the book.  That isolation and near madness is played really well by Smith, a lot better than Charelton Heston did in Omega Man.

The mistake that the new film makes is the same mistake that Omega Man does.  It introduces people that are healthy.  If you haven’t read the book, then be aware I’m about to divulge the ending.

The second half of the novel by Richard Matheson involved Robert Neville finding a woman who he saves.  The twist being that she isn’t imune like he is.  She is a spy for the new society that is looking to get rid of their boogie man.  They are trying to dispatch of Neville because he is a killing machine that comes and destroys them while they sleep.  He is the monster.

It would have been a much better movie, the build of of the humanity that is Neville, to the brutal realization that the “monsters” are just trying to make a new society.  And Neville is the real monster, killing indiscriminately.  It is a twist worthy of Twilight Zone (which Matheson wrote for), and it would have been a far superior film. 

That is my take on I Am Legend.

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I am Legend… WOW

Well i just watched the movie and i need to read the book again tonight before i post more. My review straight off the hip is that it was a great movie. Not true to the book but still a very good movie. I will post again tomorrow with more. Bye bye for now, i’ve got reading to do.

-AwesomeKong out.

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On our way to see I Am Legend.  We’ll tell you all about it later.

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First God Damn Podcast

All right here it is. This is the first podcast. This was the goal, and hopefully we will be pulling this off every wednesday.

We started off with asking what is up with what is going on this week, but the topic this time was really movies. We get into I Am Legend the book, and the movie (and a point of clarification there are in fact 3 other movie adaptions of I Am Legend, there is a new one from Asylum called I Am Omega, Doyle you are right). That moved into a discussion on vampire movies in general, specifically the difference in tone between I Am Legend the novel and the current trend in vampire movies, to just have vampires kicking ass, then a bit of comparison with the other two adaptions of the book. It also brought up Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, Harry Potter, our waitress Kristen (if she has a myspace I’ll post it next time), and The Mist (which leads into Doyle being an asshole for having not seen The Shawshank Redemption).

There was a long discussion about one scene in Hitman, that didn’t really convince me to see it. There is a good chance that Bobby will be buying a syringe of “knock out juice” as soon as possible. That of course led into a bit of a discussion about xXx. The consensus it that Vin Deisel blows.

We talked a bit about Sweeney Todd. It has now been dubbed The Count of Monte Scissorhands. We also plug Rotten Tomatoes. Gabe clearley states his opinion on Roger Ebert, because of his opinion on Memphis Belle.

We also talked pretty extensively about Starship Troopers the book, and the movie. Bobby really wanted there to be Power Suits in the movie, Doyle and Gabe could just enjoy it for Doogie.

We also had a discussion about some of our favorite movies (or our children as Bobby Likes to think of them). It ranged from Shawshank Redemption, Metropolis, Blade Runner, Memento, Star Wars, American History X, Predator, Rear Window, Pulp Fiction to A good time was had by all. And George Lucas, fuck you.

And we chat a bit about some new movies, Narnia: Prince Caspian, and Rambo.

We also talk about a few of our friends, Steve, Scott, David you missed the chance to defend yourselves.

Watch out there is a bit of racial sluring, and we deffinitly bring up Dog the Bounty Hunter.


Bobby: Hot Wings, 1 Blue Moon

Doyle: Cheese Fries, 2 Budweiser

Gabe: Some Cheese Fries, One Hot Wing, 2 Guinness.

We sat at Cables. And the plan is to just do it every Wednesday. We’ll see! It was fun as hell.

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Face Transplants and Sweeny Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Face Transplant Lady

So here is what freaks me out.  The lady pictured above.  She was the first person to receive a partial face transplant.  Though it is amazing to think about the fact that she lost most of her face from her dog trying to eat her, and doctors were able to make her look mostly like herself, I am freaked out that this is something that can even happen.  Imagine you are a criminal five years into the future.  You could probably have a face transplant done, and look like a different person, even if they just took your face off and put it back on.  Freaks me the fuck out.

On a totally different note, I was on Rotten Tomatoes some more, and Sweeny Todd is looking pretty good so far.  I have been looking forward to it, but the heavy shadow of I Am Legend and Cloverfield, has kind of glossed over how much I want to see it.  There are a lot of good movies out there to see this year.  I hope I get to catch some of them.

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In an effort to keep my sanity this afternoon…

I cruised on over to Rotten Tomatoes, and did a little bit of reading on I Am Legend.  Looks like, so far so good.  The concensus seems to be that the first 2/3rds of the movie (IE the introspective, Robert Neville all alone part) is a lot better than the last 1/3rd (IE the Robert Neville flees crazy vampire action flick stuff).  I thought this review was really telling.  This didn’t turn me off to the movie at all, and since he actually knows that there are other adaptations fo the book, and knows how the movie ending differs from the book I’m down.

Did I mention I have a signed copy of I Am Legend.  Richard Matheson is the shit.

And on top of all this good press for I Am Legend, I’m still more excited about Cloverfield.

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I am Legend.

Be amazed. I am Legend was a gripping enough book that it stole an entire FOUR HOURS of my warcraft time, demanding to be absorbed.

It is a good book. Sadly, I feel somewhat out of context for it. I read on wikipedia that in 1954, when this book was written, it was the first novel with an “analytical slant towards vampires.” Now, I grew up seeing Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the Blade Trilogy, the Anne Rice Movie adaptations, et al. There’s plenty of analysis for vampire origins in those movies, so I kind of wish I was able to read the book without all of this absorbed mythology. Also, I’m not well versed in vampire novels, but this is the only one I’ve read that takes place in a post apocalyptic setting.

But even tho I read or saw many of its descendants before reading it, I still really enjoyed the book. After I was done reading it, one of my roomates asked me, “So is it a cool story?” The discussion that followed got me wondering about the upcoming movie adaptation starring Will Smith. Specifically, I wonder how it will do with audiences.

Plot Spoiler Follows.

Most vampire blockbusters lately have involved badasses kicking tail all over the screen in orgies of blood, gunpowder, and katanas. Assuming the ending is kept the same, will a movie where the one remaining human that we find ourselves caring about, who is surrounded by vampires, ends up turning out to be the Monster of the story be received well?


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So I’m rarely excited by my movie going prospects but…

Ok so normally the prospects of going to the movies for me is really limited to the occasional horror flick with some of my friends, or kids movies (I have three kids, the last three movies I’ve seen in the theatre are Enchanted, Bee Movie, and something that I have forgotten).  But somehow I’m actually excited to see a few movies.

First off the ones that I’m lesser excited to see, I’m excited to see National Treasure 2, Golden Compass, The Kite Runner, and Walk Hard.  But those aren’t the ones that I want to talk about. 

Here are the three movies that I really want to see.

3.  Sweeny Todd:  Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  I don’t really care what anyone else thinks.  It is an adaption of one of my favorite musicals of all time, with Tim Burton as director, and Johnny Depp as Sweeny Todd.  I don’t think I should have to say anything else to back up my desire to see this movie, but if you need more.  It is about a guy that kills people, and his wife makes meat pies out of them, with singing.  I mean seriously straight razor carnage, canibalisim, and singing.  Love it.

2.  I Am Legend:  I have very low expectations of this film.  But man I fucking love this book, and the need for there to be a good film adaptation of it is amazing.  The other two are hit or miss, the hit being Last Man on Earth.  Staring Vincent Price, I think this is going to be the film that I Am Legend is going to most closly reflect.  The miss, Omega Man, this cluster fuck staring Charleton Heston is one of those movies that is only good, because it is so bad.  It is camp and lame, and I pray to God the new I Am Legend is nothing like it.

1.  Cloverfield:  Ok this total Daikaju has such a build up for me that I just can’t tell you how excited I am to see it.  If you don’t know anything about it, I would encourage you to seek it out.  That will be more fun than me just telling you all about it.

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