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Oil hit’s $100 a barrel.

So Gold and Oil destroyed their record high’s today.  So as a consequence the stock market is throwing up all over the place in a kind of new years hangover.  What irritates me the most about this is that gas prices are going to continue to go up now (after a small downward trend) and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised to see $4 a gallon gas this summer.  All the oil companies will still be making money hand over fist, the govenment will still be stalled on forcing higher gas milage for cars and finding more sources of renewable energy, and I will still live in a city with horrible public transportation.  Blah!


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So very recently I found a web site called Share Builder (which if you are interested, hit me up and I can get some free trades if you sign up and you get $25 to trade).  It is a place where you can invest like $5 at a time to slowly build up shares in stocks that you are interested in.  Very cool.  So far I have been doing ok on picking some decent stocks and all that.  But more importantly, as I’ve been doing research I’ve noticed something that I don’t understand.

On the charts that you can look at to see how the price of a stock has gone up and down, there are breaks.  In a line chart there will just be areas where there is no line.  I know a ton of people don’t read our blog, but I was wondering, does anyone know why that is?  Please internet answer my question magically.

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