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Flash Artist Feature: Joel Veitch

For the unsavvy, this is the British guy who runs www.rathergood.com and is a member of the B3ta group. He is the mind behind the sponge monkey ads that Quiznos used to run. “We love the suuuuubs. . .”

Kind of a creepy commercial

Joel’s imagry tends to be pretty rough and it gives it that “cut out of a magazine and pasted onto construction paper” feel. Early on in his work the mouths of his subjects wouldn’t move in sync with the words they were supposed to be saying, he would opt to just have the mouths opening and closing rapidly or slowly depending on the speed of the audio. Rather than looking incomplete or lazy, it actually gives his work another level of creepiness. Love or hate the subjects, or his Flash work, he’s right up there when it comes to obscurity, imagination, and musical talent. My favorite peice is “seepage” baby seals, can you feel it?


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Flash artist feature: H. Hoogerbrugge

I promised an artist feature that would blow your fucken mind. (as in post-fucked mind)
I stumbled across H. Hoogerbrugge a couple of years ago when I was learning flash. Whether you like the subject matter or not, the guy’s got a hell of a lot of talent. (and MAAAAD flash skills)

He started a project back in 1998 and ending in 2001 called “Modern Living/Neurotica series.” Every time I visit the project, I spend at least 3 hours interacting with it.  Almost every detail worth clicking or rolling over has some kind of action associated with it. (ex: on the front page he’s holding a remote, click on any part of him, or the chair, and notice all the details he remembered. Not the most elaborate example, but look at the rest and you’ll see what I mean)

#96 called ‘Summer’ Creeps me out every time. I think it’s the sound.

He has audio associated with almost every piece which only enhances his work, so make sure your speakers are working.  Modern Living / Neurotica series

Some of the people I’ve turned onto this have sent him e-mails about his work and from what I hear he’s  pretty cool to talk to and actually responds. I’ve never e-mailed him because I never know what to tell him or ask him other than things he already knows: “you are a flash GOD”

His main site has some additional flash projects, but the ML/NS had the biggest impact on me and I’m glad I checked that project out first.

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Chaos Motor

Put another blog into the blogroll.  Chaos Motor is some intense political shit that is really well written.  Totally worth checking out if you are as pissed off at the world as I am.

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National Treasure: Book of Secrets

National TreasureSo here is the deal.  When I was a kid I went with my dad to watch Indian Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (as did most everyone else).  And it was a really formative experiance.  For the longest time I wanted to be an archeologist.  Because I thought that meant I would treavel all over the globe finding rare artifacts and fighting bad guys.  No dice, I work a desk job now. 

But I’m not going to keep my kids from having the same kinds of dreams!  So I took them to see the new National Treasure this weekend.  And holy crap if that movie doesn’t deliver.  It is truly the Indiana Jones for the information age.  Honestly I haven’t had this much fun at the movies in a while.  My kids were rivited, and I was into it, and everything in the movie just clicked perfectly.  I can’t really recomend it enough.

Go watch it and go have fun!

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